jeudi 28 septembre 2006

Ce soir Rendez vous ici :

Expo photo à la Poudrière

This flyer announces the brand new exhibition of photos from the flickr@paris's members - or at least 19 of them.
It's entitled "little photographic walk in the 11th - Conceptual Exhibition in 20 points".

The Concept :
At one street corner of the 11th disctrict of Paris, a photographer took a picture of the street in front of him.
Somewhere on that street, on a different corner, another photographer was taking a picture of another street (crossing the first one).
On that second street, a third photographer was taking a picture too.
And so on...
Until the last photographer had the first one in sight.

So from street to street, you'll be able to follow us on a short walk through that neighborhood, in 20 pictures.
It's a first. We don't really know if it's going to work out as an exhibition. But, hey, we had to try.
Not all the spots were really interesting, but the goal is the overall, not the pictures on their own. We'll see.

The map and the pictures will be uploaded on our streams after the opening of the exhibition, the 28th of September.
If you're in Paris at that time, feel free to join for a drink on the opening night or come by during the 3 weeks the exhibition will last.

Here is the list of the photographers who participated, in the same order as on the "little walk" :
Le Hibou
S. Kesk
Ivresse des sens
El Julio
Italian Papillon
philippe leroyer
philippe leroyer
Maïa Taïeb
Rendez-vous sur Hellocoton !

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